Civil Society Generating Innovation: Co-operative and Associative Housing

Marie J. Bouchard Marcellin Hudon

Cahier C-02-2007
Publié en mars 2007


Community housing in Quebec (co-operative as well as associative)materialises at the turn of the 1970s in a context of major changes in the urban world, the emergence of new housing needs and the weakening of government policy regarding housing. It's a story featuring several social actors who have agreed to a community housing development programme in response to somewhat converging expectations. The specific characteristics of community housing come simultaneously from the lessons learnt by previous generations around social housing and the new aspirations of citizen movements. Requiring major financial means in order to evolve, the community housing modus operandi is also, in part, conditioned by the relationship it shares with governments, financial institutions and markets. Citizens' ambitions combine with those of housing policies, outlining a compromise between the characteristics of the associative model and the objectives of a social housing policy.


Community housing, co-operative housing, associative housing


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