Research Partnerships: The ARUC-ÉS and RQRP-ÉS Model

The aim of the present document is to share the experience of the Alliance and the Réseau with all who are interested in research practices carried out in partnership, and to promote university research for practitioners/acteurs. This guide outlines the characteristics and conditions that facilitate the partnership approach to work and research. Research Partnerships: the ARUC-ÉS and RQRP-ÉS Model will allow the partners brought together by the ARUC-ÉS and the RQRP-ÉS to:

  • form a common understanding of what is meant by a research partnership, and of partnership work methods within the ARUC-ÉS and the RQRP-ÉS;
  • adopt aspects that differentiate research based on partnership from traditional research;
  • assess the advantages of research partnerships, both for their own needs and for helping the social economy to grow;
  • achieve the best possible dissemination and transfer of research-based knowledge.

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Guide for Knowledge Mobilization in the Context of Research Partnerships

The Guide for Knowledge Mobilization in the Context of Research Partnerships fulfils the commitment of ARUC-ÉS and RQRP-ÉS to effectively transfer new knowledge so as to contribute to the sustainability of the social economy and to the development of communities.

With this present document, the Alliance and the Réseau hope to provide research partners with a tool to enrich and optimize the dissemination and transfer of the knowledge resulting from their research.

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